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After evacuating to Raleigh for hurricane Florence, I learned from my neighbor about the demise of my HVAC due to another neighbor's large tree. I contacted Jamie via phone and text messaging and within two days he had secured a person with a chain saw, removed the tree from my house, replaced my HVAC, had a worker put patches on my roof, and...wait for it...cleaned all the debris from my front AND back yard! With all the other damage I had to deal with upon my return, I can't tell you what a gift that was, to finally return home and see a cleaned up yard!

I've been using Mosier Mechanical for about 3 years now and they are very responsive, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. - J. Schmidt

Wanted to give Moser Mechanical 5 stars. After being evacuated from Wilmington NC during the hurricane upon returning home late Tuesday 9/25/18 we found our home very hot and muggy . Power to our home was on but the AC unit was not running. Moser was able to come out they found our system was fried due to electrical failure/ surge from storm. Justin the service tech. called office to see if they had a system in stock. They did the following day Service person Marcus arrived bright and early as promised to start the process of replacing. Felt very sorry for Marcus as I know the temperature in our attic had to be over 120. He worked very hard as he wanted to get the new system up and running the same day. That afternoon he called his office and had Service person Robbie come out to help speed the process. By dinner time both Marcus and Robbie had finished their mission and we had wonderful cool air. My husband and I cannot THANK Marcus and Robbie enough. Both men were very friendly, polite and professional. Thanks to all three men and Moser for doing a great job. - The Vogt family

Called them, immediate response, Billy brought a crew, net result=total satisfaction. Billy Taylor is BY FAR the very best member of your team or anyone else's team. He knows every answer and they all prove to be accurate. He works far harder and smarter than anyone in the business....and we've been using other companies for 24 years. Billy goes the extra mile in explaining what is being done and why. He EDUCATES and serves as he get results. - Joseph Coen